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Re: Removing the Homepage pseudo-headers in the descriptions

On Fri, Nov 30, 2007 at 06:46:59PM +0100, Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> Well, if you have been following debian-devel mailing list [1] lately,
> it is recommended that we removed the Homepage pseudoheader in the
> package description, and just have the Homepage label in the control
> headers. Anything against this?

No objections; I've added it as a control field for everything where it
was present in the description already (see commit 4831).

I haven't removed it from the descriptions yet; I thought might wait
until there's more positive responses and/or the debian-wide description
(as presented by the wiki page) is happy with that. It can probably be
semi-automated using a variation on this monstrosity (ensure EDITOR
doesn't fork on invocation and EMAIL is set):

	find . -name control |
	while read file; do 
		if `grep -q '^ \+Homepage' $file` && \
			! `grep -q '^Homepage' $file`; then
			PACKAGE=$(basename $(dirname $(dirname $file)))
			cd $PACKAGE
			vim -gf debian/control
			dch -a "add Homepage: control field to source stanza"
			cd ..

Jon Dowland

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