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Re: Introduction

[ Hum, gmane somehow does not want to deliver my message (or ask me for
an authorization) so I'm sending this as mail one more time ]

Hi pkg-games,

I'm Evgeni Golov, a computer-science student from Düsseldorf/Germany.
Gerfried Fuchs has just added me to the group, so I thought a small
introduction of myself would be nice.

Well, where should I start? I'm using Debian since Sarge (so you might
call me a newbie compared to others) on servers and desktop machines.
As a Sid user I started my Debian "career" by submitting bugs to
packages I use, later by packaging small software for better
hardware-support of IBM/Lenovo Thinkpads.

I'm not a big gamer, but like to play pokerth or pioneers when I have
the time. This is also the reason for joining this team: I want to help
Mario Iseli packaging pokerth (the changes between 0.5 and 0.6 are
quite big).

You can find more about me on the net by asking your beloved
search-engine about my name or my nickname(s) (Zhenech, SargentD) or
looking at my page[1] and there especially my blog[2] (sorry, mostly
in German). There you also should find some pictures[3][4] of me, even
if these do not really fit the "mugshot" definition.

If you have any questions, you can reach me via mail, IRC (Zhenech on
freenode, ircnet, oftc) or jabber (sargentd@jabber.die-welt.net).


[1] http://www.die-welt.net/
[2] http://www.die-welt.net/index.php/blog
[3] http://www.die-welt.net/index.php/pix/mepix
[4] http://files.die-welt.net/bilders/ava/ava.png

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