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Re: please review pokerth 0.6 in svn

On Mon, 17 Dec 2007 12:49:20 +0100 Bas Wijnen wrote:

> > 1. will FTBFS when built twice in a row (make distclean does not remove
> > libs/*)
> This is also an upstream bug, I suppose?  Then it's best to fix it in
> their makefile(.am)s, and send the patch upstream as well.

It looks like a qmake bug for me, as pokerth builds a libpokerth in
lib, but the qmake generated makefile tries to remove libpokerth from
the root of the project :(
I have an ugly fix (adding lib/libpokerth to cleantarget by hand) and
will discuss it with upstream tonight.

> > 3. ships duplicate fonts in orig.tar.gz (lintian complains)
> Lintian has some checks on the upstream tarball, which you cannot fix
> yourself.  The solution is simply to send a bug report upstream and wait
> for them to fix it.  You should not override the warning; the problem
> still exists, you just can't fix it.

True, but:
I'm repackaging the source tarball anyways, so I can remove the fonts
from there too (or should I leave it as original as possible?).
For upstream: I think they ship these fonts, because the app is built
on MacOSX and Windows too, and there you probably need them.

> > 4. ships an empty avatars folder (lintian complains)
> This is something that can be used in an override.  Alternatively, you
> can add code to postinst/prerm to create and remove the directory (don't
> make prerm fail if the directory can't be removed), or you can make sure
> the program can create the directory itself if it finds it missing.

Well, I'd just remove that dir from pokerth-data.install :)

Thanks for your comments.

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