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dm-upload-allowed for chocolate-doom


There's a chocolate-doom package in SVN. We do not have
chocolate-doom in the archive, however, due to a problem
with virtual package dependencies[1], we have never uploaded
it to the archive.

I have thought of a solution for the dependency issue[2] and
so plan to have a chocolate-doom package soon, initially for

Rumour has it that there will be a chocolate-doom upstream
release (the first for a while) in the very near future.

As part of sprucing up the packaging, I've added
DM-Upload-Allowed to the control file.

Here's my rough ordered plan for doom packages, to be
elaborated on:

round of new upstream releases and introduction of

* new upstream prboom awaiting upload (now)
* freedoom svn packaged up without provides: field
  * upload to experimental
* chocolate-doom packaged up
  * upload to experimental
* new freedoom upstream release
  * upload to sid
* chocolate doom now ready for sid

as part of transitioning the .desktop files away from doom
engines and towards doom-wads:

* prboom supplying "doom" alternative uploaded to sid
* freedoom with .desktop file can be uploaded to sid
* prboom removing .desktop file removed from sid

[1] chocolate-doom requires a doom IWAD (game data) to play.
    We have installers for the original game data via
    doom-package, and an open source IWAD called freedoom.
    However, freedoom makes use of features that were
    incorporated into doom engines sometime after the original
    release and which chocolate-doom lacks. Therefore,
    chocolate-doom does not work properly with freedoom.
    Depends: doom-engine is therefore not suitable.

[2] The other doom engine in the archive is prboom, which
    historically depends on freedoom | doom-wad. Therefore, if
    we drop the provides: doom-wad from the freedoom package,
    prboom will still pull it in if doom-wad is not available,
    but chocolate-doom's dependencies will no longer be
    satisfied by freedoom. So chocolate-doom is suitable for sid
    once a freedoom package with that change enters.

Jon Dowland

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