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Package removal or adoption

Hi folks,

I am copying the games teams since I am a "member" and am currently focusing on orphaned or unmaintained games. In case anyone there wants to weigh in as well.

I am looking a several of the games type packages that are orphaned or unmaintained and I am trying to understand Debian's "policy" with regards to removal. Here are two examples: nettoe and xbattle.

What is the criteria for keeping these packages? I guess that according to BTS they are "bug-free" but in the case of say xbattle, they are un-developed upstream, don't seem to have much of a following (according to popcon). Is it preferred that they stay in the archives? If so, should I pick them up for the games team or just leave them out there as orphaned?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Barry deFreese

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