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boswars ready to upload ? (Was: r4503 - packages/trunk/boswars/debian)

On 01/11/2007, Cyril Brulebois wrote:
> I'll probably take care of finishing the initial packaging, yes.

(Moving to the discussion list.)

It looks like I'm mostly done with boswars. Given some libsdl problems
reported by Barry, I didn't check the build under pbuilder, but that
wasn't a problem the weeks before, so I guess the Build-Depends should
still be correct.

There's a point about CFLAGS not being honoured, but that's to be
checked with upstream for later revisions/upstream versions, I'd say,
since it's no violation of the policy per se. It sounds to me that
having a round of “normal” builds on the buildds, after a NEW round
would be a nice step forward in the meanwhile.

Thoughts, comments, patches, flames, upload welcome.


Cyril Brulebois

PS: The tarball Barry uploaded isn't the very same (MD5sum-speaking) as
    the one we get from the get-orig-source target, but the content is
	apparently identical (diff -urN didn't show anything).

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