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Re: Introduction

Barry deFreese wrote:

One thing I was wondering about, and I think I looked at the Fedora packages, but have you folks tried to build clanbomber with clanlib 0.8? It's one of the few packages still using it.

No, we haven't tried that, I did once try porting (the then stable version) of pingus to ClanLib-0.8 and it wasn't fun (I eventually gave up). The differences between the 2 api's are pretty large.

Also clanbomber is not the only user of ClanLib 0.6 in Fedora, we also have auriferious, a loderunner clone, well worth packaging btw, if you do please start from the Fedora package (atleast take all the patches) as the original sources contain quite a few bugs. And there are other ClanLib 0.6 using packages on our wishlist. I guess clanLib was at the height of its glory in the 0.6 days.

Talking about ClanLib, I've rewritten the fullscreen (xf86vidmode) code for ClanLib-0.8 as that was causing issues with ballbuster (a brickbreaker), the problem is that they use setviewport to their current window, rather then creating a new unmanaged window at position 0,0, this won't work on all video cards as setviewport often has a granularity in the x coordinates of 4 pixels, causing parts of the window border to show up. My rewrite has been merged upstream but they haven't released a new version (yet) with it included.



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