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1 package(s) to rebuild on alpha/stable 3 package(s) to rebuild on alpha/stable (광고) 이제는 시작하세요... 안녕하세요,,,,, AlphaBIOS to SRM (and back?) and (was Re: Nvidia video cards) AlphaServer 2000 with DAC960PD Problems another problem as problem Autistic alpha cutting all connection to the rest of the world, help! Re: Autistic alpha, kernel freeze Better fix for grip on Alpha [patch enclosed] Binary NMU needed for swisswatch CD boot problem DAC960 and GCC debian testing: mozilla now is forced full-screen? Dec Alpha AXP 150 Duplex printing using lpr-ppd flash ? FlashPoint LW & Potato?? FYI...glibc mistake in unstable Gabber & everybuddy Graphics in my PWS433au Miata Fwd: grip needs -mieee gcc flag on Alpha groff 1.15.2-3 upload needed for stable Ingo Molnar's new scheduler in 2.4.17 for alpha InocuLAN detected the (Win32/Myparty.Worm) virus in Mailbox (Galb raith, Peter), Sender ( !!! Installation of woody with floppy disk images - where can I find the base dep packages? kernel 2.4.x for Alpha kernel compilation problem Kernel config for alpha boot disks Last call for glibc patches against 2.2.5 libforms build libsdl1.2debian: NMU addressing #128075 miata sound More DAC960 woes.... Nautilus UP1000 APB for boot floppies Netscape on Alpha? new to debian New user, new question php4, debian, Fatal error session mm module port of crafty to alpha platform is outdated Re: PostgreSQL 7? Problem: ypbind, woody Problems with ntp, ntpdate and chrony Qlogic ISP 1020 hangs on boot Question:Linux Console under Debian r5 iso's for Alpha regexplorer SCSI problems with Qlogic ISP SRM console and SCSI controller, which are supported? SRM console images & instructions Strange man behaviour Updating AlphaBIOS to SRM on an AlphaPC 164LX virtual node space consumed Which version of SRM is correct? Wither X11 4* + export DISPLAY The last update was on 14:01 GMT Sun May 19. There are 181 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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