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Re: DAC960 and GCC

> > There's no gcc in debian that will compile the DAC960 module on my alpha
> > noritake system (as1000a)  gcc-3.0 doesn't compile 2.4.17 right, gcc 2.95.4
> > bombs with an error compiling the module, and gcc 2.95.2 (debian potato)
> > just eats all memory and bomb compiling that module.
> This is an old problem, but one that was unfortunately never fixed.  Can
> you try compiling it without optimisation?  IIRC, it still won't compile,
> but it may be worth checking again.

that driver compiles w/o -O2, but, it doesn't load, complains about missing

There are 4 functions that can't be compiled with -O2, I went through and
found them (#if 0 them out), but obviously it won't work.  So that does
atleast narrow down where the bugs are

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