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Re: Netscape on Alpha?

> There is not a version of Netscape for Linux on Alpha. There is however
> a version of Netscape for Tru64 UNIX on Alpha, which can be run (minus
> java) with the required Tru64 libs and proper kernel binary support.
> However this is an old version 4.xx of Netscape. I find it much better
> to use mozilla or even better galeon. Both of those are availalbe in
> testing/unstable. 

Netscape 4.72 for Tru64 Unix works quite good on my SX 164 under 
Debian 2.2r3, and even java works (I do homebanking with a java 
applet, for example).

To install it, I just converted the rpm package that cames with RedHat
6.2 for Alpha to a deb package using alien : 

alien -d -k -c navigator.rpm

I first did the same with the Tru64 compatibility libraries (also on the
RH 6.2 CD)

You may find the ISO images of RedHat 7.1 for Alpha on
www.linuxiso.org, I think it could works as well as the version 6.2 I

I give up, this is a quick a dirty way, but it helps me a lot. I hope it
will help you too.

Mozilla is much better, of course, but also much slower. So I think it
is usefull to have both.


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