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Re: Problems with ntp, ntpdate and chrony

Christoph Bayer <chrbayer@web.de> writes:

> Hello everybody,
> I'm running Debian 2.2r4 on an Alpha system (noname). I have
> almost everything working except an NTP client.
> I'm using a kernel version 2.2.19. It must be an Alpha related
> problem, I thing the configuration is Ok.

Never had problems there.

In what way does it not work? Any error messages? Wrong time?

What does it say if you run ntpdate manually (with more vebose/debug

All my configs are default.

"dpkg-reconfigure ntpdate" to configure the timeserver for ntpdate
purge and install ntp and let it update its config automatically on
update (alternatively just dpkg-reconfigure it). It will then add a
server line for the timeserver from the ntpdate by itself.

from /var/log/syslog:
Jan  6 20:06:35 alpha ntpdate[347]: step time server offset 0.007705 sec
Jan  6 20:11:22 alpha ntpd[438]: ntpd 4.1.0 Wed Oct 24 04:30:24 MST 2001 (2)
Jan  6 20:11:22 alpha ntpd[438]: precision = 6 usec
Jan  6 20:11:22 alpha ntpd[438]: kernel time discipline status 0040
Jan  6 20:11:23 alpha ntpd[438]: frequency initialized 7.501 from /var/lib/ntp/ntp.drift


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