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Netscape on Alpha?

Title: Netscape on Alpha?

Hello all,

I am fairly new to Debian, I managed to get it installed onto an Alpha machine, things are going great so far.

I have one problem, I can't get Netscape/Mozilla to install via apt-get for the life of me. I was poking around this morning on morning on ftp.debian.org and I noticed that netscape-base-4x is not in the binary list for alpha. It is listed for the i386, however. I can also install all the java support, spell checks, etc. I just can't install the base.

My question is, how does one install a browser on Debian for the Alpha?

<I am donning the flack jacket for asking a silly question like this>

AJ Schroeder
Imaging Systems Administrator
Quad/Graphics, Inc.

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