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Re: FlashPoint LW & Potato??

At 08:17 25/01/2002, Gerald Taylor sent this up the stick:
Hello everyone;

Well, I've searched everywhere and tried everything (including several
kernel compiles) and am unable to solve the problem.

The Setup:

DEC AlphaStation XLT 366
Mylex (BusLogic) FlashPoint LW Ultra SCSI PCI adapter
Potato 2.2 stable.

I've compiled a kernel with support for this card (2.2.18pre21) and get the
following message on bootup every time:

BusLogic: FlashPoint Host Adapter detected at PCI Bus 0 Device 7
BusLogic: I/O Address 0x9800 PCI Address 0x9001000, but FlashPoint
BusLogic: support was omitted in this kernel configuration.

OK--I know there is an option in the Kernel Config to Omit support for the
FlashPoint card, but this option is /not/ checked.

Anyone ever get one of these cards working on AlphaLinux?

Just to test the hardware, I've even installed NT 4.0 on this system and got
the card to work.  Shouldn't it work under Linux as well?

AFAIK, you can use these cards, but not as a boot device.

I have one of these cards in an x86 box, and you have to specifically ENABLE support for BusLogic, as well as compile the SCSI and BusLogic driver into the kernel, modules won't work.

Either that, or my memory is stuffed since I reclaimed the space that the kernel source occupied :)


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