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RE: alphalinux.org and linuxalpha.org (was Re: Nvidia video cards)

> 'whois' says that the administrative and billing contacts are in
> sacramento.  is that where the machine is?

Yeah. That's where it is.

> perhaps someone in the area could track the guy down and give a friendly
> knock on his door with five or so well-dressed friends - informing him
> that legal action will commence if the machines are not returned promptly.

As cute (priceless) that sounds I would please ask that anyone who would
to act like that, not. He will be notified by mail (certified) shortly.

> why the well dressed friends?  to haul the hardware, of course.  :)  and
> it might scare the crap out of the guy to have a half dozen sharp looking
> guys show up on the front steps - matrix sunglasses, anyone? :)

Thanks for the visual though ;-)

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