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Re: Netscape on Alpha?

Schroeder, Aaron (Aaron.Schroeder@qg.com) wrote:

> Hello all,
> I am fairly new to Debian, I managed to get it installed onto an Alpha
> machine, things are going great so far.
> I have one problem, I can't get Netscape/Mozilla to install via apt-get for
> the life of me. I was poking around this morning on morning on
> ftp.debian.org <ftp.debian.org>  and I noticed that netscape-base-4x is not
> in the binary list for alpha. It is listed for the i386, however. I can also
> install all the java support, spell checks, etc. I just can't install the
> base.
> My question is, how does one install a browser on Debian for the Alpha?

There is not a version of Netscape for Linux on Alpha. There is however
a version of Netscape for Tru64 UNIX on Alpha, which can be run (minus
java) with the required Tru64 libs and proper kernel binary support.
However this is an old version 4.xx of Netscape. I find it much better
to use mozilla or even better galeon. Both of those are availalbe in

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