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Re: Nautilus UP1000 APB for boot floppies

You can still get the files from here:

but I don't know for how much longer (that includes SRM for UP1000).


On 27 Jan 2002, Falk Hueffner wrote:

> Hi,
> boot floppies currently have some support for booting Nautilus from
> APB. It used to get
> http://www.alpha-processor.com/products/downloads/customer_support/UP1000/up1000-abios-install.tar.gz
> and unpack some stuff, but that's gone now. Anyway, that was just a
> kludge and I couldn't test it. I've heard, though, that SRM is
> available for Nautilus now, so perhaps we don't actually need this
> anymore? So either somebody fixes this (or tells me how to fix and
> tests it), or I'll rip out all the APB stuff. Alternatively, I accept
> donations of Nautili :)
>         Falk

Rich Payne

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