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RE: Netscape on Alpha?


On Thu, 3 Jan 2002, Schroeder, Aaron wrote:

> > > My question is, how does one install a browser on Debian for the 
> > > Alpha?
> > 
> > There is not a version of Netscape for Linux on Alpha. There is 
> > however a version of Netscape for Tru64 UNIX on Alpha, which can be 
> > run (minus
> > java) with the required Tru64 libs and proper kernel binary support.

> I obtained Netscape 4.7 from the Compaq pages as an rpm-package and
> alienised it successfully. According to the dpkg --status output, it
> is True64 Unix dependend, but I didn't have to install any extra
> stuff.  Seemingly it was compiled with statically linked libs. 
> So the rpm has all that you would need?

I didn't download anything else but the netscape-package.

BTW, your mail-program's settings need an improvement concerning quotes.
My lines are mixed up with your responses.
> really a joy to work with (at least on my machine). I tried to compile
> Mozilla M18 from testing. Seemingly it depends on a lib available only with
> the gcc 3-package. Compiling it for potato presumably requires installation
> of several packages from testing or recompiling them for potato, thus is not
> trivial (didn't some people experience problems with both compiler versions
> installed in parallel?).
> I have done some research on this, M18 only seems to want to work in Woody.
> At least, that will give you less hassle. According to some notes that I
> have read and what people have told me.

That was my impression, too. Therefore I stopped trying to compile it. 

> I haven't tried galeon though, but Netscape 4.7 is definitely more stable
> and reliable than Mozilla M14. But Mozilla M18 was told to have much
> improved over M14. If you have installed woody, you should try it.
> I have upgraded to Woody, it's just a matter of installing this silly
> Mozilla package. Do you know if it supports Java? I know galeon needs
> mozilla-core...

An upgrade to woody may take place some day, when I am sure it is as
stable as the rock solid potato and when I've got some time to fiddle.
At the moment I can't afford to have my working computer down (in
business slang: it's my productive system).

Best wishes,



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