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Re: Installation of woody with floppy disk images - where can I find the base dep packages?

hmmm, This is the first expirience with debian. Also, I have no direct network -- just ppp via modem -- and no chance to get access to a running debian box. Perhaps, I should reinstall my redhat and create the package?

If I follow the installation manuell than I have to install the basic system before I can use a ppp connection. Is there a  way to get the ppp connection running to be able to create the package as described?

Just a hint: The installation manuell at this point is not very helpfull. Also, the directory structures and the contents of the mirrors does need some more explanation. I was searching for the package files like described within the manuell. But, for a new user it is not easy the see what is written because all what one can see are empty directories. The manuell tells me to download the needed package. So, we are at the beginning...


Falk Hueffner wrote:
Harald Simon <harald.simon@luebeck.netsurf.de> writes:

I have uploaded all floppy images and milo from
and run the installation. All is running well until now:. The
installation program forces me to "install the base system". If I
chooce the menu item, than the programm ask for the installation
medium. Now I choose fd0. The installation program asks for the base
dep package. But, where can I find it?

I'm not sure it would work at all with floppies, nobody bothered
trying, since you'd need around 20 floppies. Can't you install over
the network? If not, if you have any Debian system already, you can
create the base tarball yourself; to save bandwidth, we don't provide
one yet. You need to install debootstrap and do something like:

debootstrap --arch alpha --download-only woody /tmp/basedebs http://http.de.debian.org
cd /tmp/basedebs && tar -zcf ../basedebs.tgz .

You could then put that file on the Alpha's hard disk, or split it
onto floppies and reassemble manually from a shell (using the
installation method from floppies will not work with just splitting,
since it expects the splitted floppies in a special format).

If you don't have a Debian box, I could create the tarball for you and
put it somewhere.

Fal k

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