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Re: Strange man behaviour

> Does it do the delay if you redirect the output to a file?

  Seems I cannot reproduce it any more. I just rebooted in between these
two emails so I must conclude the problem was either some temporary
insanity corrected by rebooting, caused by mounting /usr rw (which would
be very strange) or man being installed suid "man". Those are the only
changes I made to the system. I suspected it might be caused by suiding
the binary since sooner or later after this I first noticed the delay but
it did not correct itself by removing the suid bit so I initially thought
it was not to blame. Now, after rebooting it no longer happens, so ...
this remains a little unclear. No difference in who runs man.

 Perhaps someone with an "often-rebootable alpha" can test whether the
suid affects man?

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