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Re: SCSI problems with Qlogic ISP

On Fri, Jan 11, 2002 at 03:23:23PM -0000, Marcus Williams wrote:
> We're running 4 drives + one tape drive off a QLogic 1020 ISP adapter
> (via a wide->narrow adapter). The total cable length exceeds 1.5m
> which I've seen elsewhere on the web as being the max length for this
> set up. The whole bus is terminated with an active terminator and the
> QLogic adapter is set to auto-terminate. We're running Debian 2.2,
> kernel 2.2.14 with the qlogicisp driver.
> Are these sort of errors indicative of cabling/termination problems or
> should I be looking elsewhere? If we swap around/replace the cables
> the drive id causing the error changes so I cant believe its a drive
> error. What worries me is the whole machine locks up solid after these
> errors and I dont know whether these errors should cause that...
> Any ideas?

Yes; if at all possible, get the tape drive off the SCSI bus that has
the HDDs. Add another 1020, or possibly NCR810, to run only the tape,
or perhaps the tape plus CD, and keep only the HDDs on the original
SCSI bus.

The QLogic driver is notorious for having problems with tape drives,
and is very sensitive to termination. Identical setups to yours will
work flawlessly under Tru64, and have problems under Linux, because
of the drivers.

Good luck.


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