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RE: as problem

Sorry, EV56 does support BWX. EV5 does not. But you are correct in that
it does not support the MVI extensions.

There could also be some scheduling differences to account for the
larger L1 instruction cache in the PCA56 (16K-I,8K-D in PCA56, as
oppossed to 8K-I, 8K-D in EV56 and EV5). I am not familiar enough with
GCC to know if that is indeed true or not.

Jeff D

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So you want ev56 scheduling with pca56 instruction support to get this
assemble?  IIRC, the scheduling code between the two processors doesn't
differ...only it's instruction support.  '-mcpu=pca56 -mno-bwx' may
allow it to compile and assemble while disabling generation of code to
the BWX instruction sets (which aren't present on ev56, but are on


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