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Re: Netscape on Alpha?

Walter Landry wrote:

Andrea Mennucc <debian@Tonelli.sns.it> wrote:

the problem: Debian Alpha is lacking a good browser the solution: there is a version of Netscape 4.7-4 that was compiled by Compaq for Tru64; this version is also distributed by RedHat for Alpha; some people have
passed it thru alien and installed it, and it works; it would take me
20 minutes to upload it into Debian archives (unstable/non-free)
the question: it contains some libraries by Compaq: can I upload it?
The license follows.

In the snippet you posted, there was no permission to redistribute.
Debian needs that in order to even put it in non-free.  Also, I
couldn't get the alphalinux web site to work.  I imagine that there is
more to the license than what you described.  I found the website at


which has some different options for running netscape.  It talks about
needing some licenses for running the original libraries.  If you
could clear all of this up, then Debian might be able to distribute
Netscape (but maybe not).

There's another option: an installer package in the style of realplayer and the Compaq (Alpha) math library packages. This would require the user to download the relevant files, then install them in a Debian way.

Just a thought,

-Adam P.

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