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RE: More DAC960 woes....

About the 'only' working RAID driver available at this time
are ICP-VORTEX (GDTH in the kernel). Expensive but very fast. 

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> Subject: Re: More DAC960 woes....
> On 31 Jan 2002, campbell steven wrote:
> > I suppose that if i can't get this to work i will have to try and get a
> > differnent brand of controller, I can get an AMI 466 (i think it is)
> > Raid controller, anyone had any experience with these under Alpha?
> I don't know about DAC960's, unfortunately, but I do know the AMI
> "megaraid" line pretty well (too well, unfortunately).  Right now and
> probably forever, AMI megaraid-family controllers are unsupported on
> Alpha-Linux.  I ported the driver when I worked at API, but AMI was
> unwilling to release some info that is vital to the card's initialisation
> to me (even under NDA). So the driver will see the card, but the card
> can't initialise itself into a known state and therefore doesn't work.
> The funniest part of the whole thing is that they kept my changes in the
> driver that they release, but didn't want to reciprocate by giving me
> the last "piece of the puzzle" nor did they really even want to supply
> any details on the newer cards (I was trying to get one of their U2W
> cards working)...
> I tried very hard to change their minds, but in the end it proved a waste
> of time, unfortunately.
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