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Re: DAC960 and GCC

> > You have to think too, this is an old fast wide scsi controller, not an
> > ultra wide, u2w, not u160/u320...  But hey, for free, do you complain?  =)
> Nope!  In that case, and given your system details, those numbers are
> quite impressive :-)

didn't think it was that impressive.  my ultra narrow can do that with a
single disk =)

> > me).  it's an as1000a 4/266.  hey, you can't beat the price!!!
> Definitely not.  Granted, it's not exactly the fastest or most modern
> system in the world, but if it works, who cares, right? :-)

It's a quick machine IMO.  but my best is a dual pII 450.

> > I see.  with 3.0.3, I saw tons of ECC errors.  They aren't in the log so
> > I can't paste them for you.  (Now if someone says I have a hardware problem,
> > I'll shoot you! >=)
> Hehehehe....then I'll shut up :-P  Seriously, though, it could be a
> hardware problem, but it may not be worth it to fix it given your
> machine.  The errors hurt performance quite a bit, but if you're not
> really using the system for something critical or loading it heavily, I
> wouldn't worry much about it (most people that I know that have older
> Alphas only use them for learning more about 64-bit programming or
> something similarly light).

considering the exact same kernel gives 0 errors compiled with 2.95.x or
2.96.x, I'd have to say it's a compiler error.

> >  Lab tests show that use of micro$oft causes cancer in lab animals
> So THAT'S what happened to my brain!  I was wondering why I had a hard
> time remembering my early teens :-P

I've hated microsoft since about 1993 (the stacker stuff started it
actually).  i hadn't used computers too long back then.  unless you count
the 8088 that's currently in the closet.

 Lab tests show that use of micro$oft causes cancer in lab animals

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