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Re: as problem

Christopher C. Chimelis wrote:

So you want ev56 scheduling with pca56 instruction support to get this to
assemble?  IIRC, the scheduling code between the two processors doesn't
differ...only it's instruction support.  '-mcpu=pca56 -mno-bwx' may
allow it to compile and assemble while disabling generation of code to use
the BWX instruction sets (which aren't present on ev56, but are on pca56).

Minor correction: ev56 does have the BWX extension, that's
what makes it different from ev5 (besides a structure shrink,
IIRC). So the table of instruction set extensions inside the
21164 family should read:

         BWX    MVI
ev5       -      -
ev56      X      -
pca56     X      X

Stefan Schroepfer

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