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Re: kernel compilation problem

On 17 Jan 2002, Falk Hueffner wrote:

> This is a known problem (though it is not clear whether it's a kernel
> or binutils bug).  To work around it, enable hot plugging.

It's clearly a kernel bug (and I'm not just saying that because I'm the
binutils maintainer :-P).  Several parts of the kernel are referencing
symbols that have been discarded by the kernel's linker script, so ld
barfs when it can't find the symbols while linking.  Much discussion has
gone on about this and upstream is working to correct it.

For a short-term solution, edit arch/alpha/vmlinux.lds.in and remove
*(.text.exit) from this line:
  /DISCARD/ : { *(.text.exit) *(.data.exit) *(.exitcall.exit) }

There is a linker flag that I could give that works as well, but this is
the easiest that I've found...


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