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Re: Netscape on Alpha?


On Thu, 3 Jan 2002, Ron Farrer wrote:

> > My question is, how does one install a browser on Debian for the Alpha?
> There is not a version of Netscape for Linux on Alpha. There is however
> a version of Netscape for Tru64 UNIX on Alpha, which can be run (minus
> java) with the required Tru64 libs and proper kernel binary support.

I obtained Netscape 4.7 from the Compaq pages as an rpm-package and
alienised it successfully. According to the dpkg --status output, it is
True64 Unix dependend, but I didn't have to install any extra stuff.
Seemingly it was compiled with statically linked libs.

> However this is an old version 4.xx of Netscape. I find it much better
> to use mozilla or even better galeon. Both of those are availalbe in
> testing/unstable. 

Unfortunately, it wasn't mentioned, which Debian version the original
question was referring to. In potato Mozilla M14 is available, but
not really a joy to work with (at least on my machine). I tried to
compile Mozilla M18 from testing. Seemingly it depends on a
lib available only with the gcc 3-package. Compiling it for potato
presumably requires installation of several packages from testing or
recompiling them for potato, thus is not trivial (didn't some people
experience problems with both compiler versions installed in parallel?).

I haven't tried galeon though, but Netscape 4.7 is definitely more
stable and reliable than Mozilla M14. But Mozilla M18 was told to have
much improved over M14. If you have installed woody, you should try it.

Best wishes,



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