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Re: X11 4* + export DISPLAY

> file when trying to  open up a display (xterm) after su to root from a
> user account.  There is a solution for this too.... but I cannot recall
> exactly what it is.  It has something to do with modifying the
> xauthority file....I think.  

  If this is the problem, then using sudo instead on su is the easiest and
also propably the most secure option.  If the problem was really
connecting to an existing X session from another host, using "ssh -X
<host-to-run-program-from>" should solve the problem - given both ssh and
sshd are configured to be able to forward X11 connections.  If you do not
have ssh and sshd, install them at once anyway. I think there is no other
secure way of communicating between two machines - excluding IPSec of
course, but it does not help the problem at hand.

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