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Updating AlphaBIOS to SRM on an AlphaPC 164LX

I am trying to update from AlphaBIOS to SRM.  The system is an
AlphaPC 164LX and the processor is a 21164, Rev 7.2.  I am running
AlphaBIOS 5.66.

I downloaded file "lx164_v5_8.exe" from ftp.digital.com, which is
labelled as "AlphaPC 164LX - SRM firmware".  I copied the file to
a FAT formatted floppy renaming it to "fwupdate.exe".  With the
floppy in the drive, I went to the "AlphaBIOS Setup" menu, and
selected "AlphaBIOS Upgrade".  I then get the following error window:
 Searching lx164nt.rom Error
 Invalid IP address for Host or TFTP Server on Network 0
I hit return to leave that and it starts reading from the diskette, then
returns to the "AlphaBIOS Setup" screen for a while.  It then starts
to do some sort of apparent reboot, then just goes to a blank blue screen.

It clearly does nothing to the flash ROM since I'm still able to bring
up the system using AlphaBIOS, just like always.

What am I doing wrong?


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