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AlphaBIOS to SRM (and back?)


I downloaded the SRM 5.3-3 rom image from Microway, since they said
it was necessary to convert to SRM from AlphaBIOS with a "lx164" motherboard. AlphaBIOS was able to load this image (overwriting itself
of course) and SRM 5.3-3 just gives me the same D/CSOF (Digital/Compaq
Screen of Death) that other versions of SRM did.  The only difference seems
to be that this one really overwrote AlphaBIOS and I can't get it back.

I can execute AlphaBIOS by using the fail-safe boot jumper (which looks
for a rom image on a floppy to load) and using a diskette with "lx164nt.rom"
for AlphaBIOS 5.66 on it.  When I then try to upgrade the flash ROM (using
the Upgrade option in ALphaBIOS), I get a screen that looks like every thing
is ok, a window with:
   -- loading lx164nt.rom --
  Upgrade AlphaBIOS
  Old version: SRM Console 5.3-3
 New version: AlphaBIOS 5.66
 F10 to continue

When I continue, I get an error window that says:
 --ROM Update Failure --
  An unknown error condition occurred during ROM update.

My only goal at this point is to get my system, including AlphaBIOS, back. I am convinced that God did not intend the lx164 to use SRM.

Any suggestions, short of replacing the motherboard with an Intel, would be
greatly appreciated.

Victor R. Cain             (865)435-5084    Fax:(865)435-9709
E: vic@vicsfamily.net      Web: www.vicsfamily.net

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