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Re: PostgreSQL 7?

Hello Ryan,

On Tue, Jan 01, 2002 at 08:37:53AM -0700, Ryan Kirkpatrick wrote:

> 	Hmm... I just downloaded the source from the upstream,
> ftp.us.postgresql.org and built it from that. Debian usually lags the
> current version of pgsql by too much, so I just use the upstream source. I
> also install pgsql in a non-standard place, and often am using development
> sources as well. 

It would have been nice, if the installation would have taken place as a
debian package. I downloaded version 7.2 from the postgres page and this one
compiled without problems! It is already installed, but I haven't yet done
all steps to initialize it.

> && make install'. It will be installed completely to /usr/local/pgsql,
> which you can then move where ever you want (symlink /usr/local/pgsql to
> the new location). 

Well, I only placed the data somewhere else.

> 	Hope this is of help. TTYL.

It was! Thank you and a happy new year to you!



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