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Re: More DAC960 woes....

On 31 Jan 2002, campbell steven wrote:

> I suppose that if i can't get this to work i will have to try and get a
> differnent brand of controller, I can get an AMI 466 (i think it is)
> Raid controller, anyone had any experience with these under Alpha?

I don't know about DAC960's, unfortunately, but I do know the AMI
"megaraid" line pretty well (too well, unfortunately).  Right now and
probably forever, AMI megaraid-family controllers are unsupported on
Alpha-Linux.  I ported the driver when I worked at API, but AMI was
unwilling to release some info that is vital to the card's initialisation
to me (even under NDA). So the driver will see the card, but the card
can't initialise itself into a known state and therefore doesn't work.

The funniest part of the whole thing is that they kept my changes in the
driver that they release, but didn't want to reciprocate by giving me
the last "piece of the puzzle" nor did they really even want to supply
any details on the newer cards (I was trying to get one of their U2W
cards working)...

I tried very hard to change their minds, but in the end it proved a waste
of time, unfortunately.


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