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RE: alphalinux.org and linuxalpha.org (was Re: Nvidia video cards)

'whois' says that the administrative and billing contacts are in
sacramento.  is that where the machine is?

perhaps someone in the area could track the guy down and give a friendly
knock on his door with five or so well-dressed friends - informing him
that legal action will commence if the machines are not returned promptly.

why the well dressed friends?  to haul the hardware, of course.  :)  and
it might scare the crap out of the guy to have a half dozen sharp looking
guys show up on the front steps - matrix sunglasses, anyone? :)


> Could 'one' person please CC this to the suse list, I am not subscribed.
> I'm going to disagree with Rich here. The machines (plurl) ARE hijacked.
> Barrett become so "disinterested" with computers at one point he tried
> to ebay the UP2000 API donated to US without even telling me or Rich.
> If it wasnt for Kirk Erichson giving me a heads up the thing would have
> been sold for under 5K with the profits going in his pocket.
> It's a 15K machine. Rich Payne is the orignal owner of alphalinux.org the
> domain but the administrative part of it was transfered to Barrett for
> some reasons that where practical at the time. Rich still pays the bill even
> though the domain name effectivly points no where.
> I have CALLED him numerous times only to be screened on his caller
> ID or dumped into his voice mail. He's never returned a call or
> an email since the ebay incident which was summer 2000, maybe earlier.
> We've faxed him domain trasnfer forms that have been ignored along
> with phone calls regarding that subject. So this is the situation.
> Barrett G. Lyon holds hostage by his inaction and blatant disregard in
> general:
> 1 UP2000 dual 667/2 in a CH320 chassis. Been offline for 2 years +.
> 1 164LX donated by a former linux/alpha user under certain terms which
> are NOT being met. It's supposed to have net access so he can use it from
> time to time for a shell.
> 1 domain name, alphalinux.org .
> The last recourse besides a firmly written letter sent via certified mail
> is probably legal action of which I wouldnt know how to begin. One
> last handicap, Barrett's Dad is a lawyer :-).
> So (me) having no job and very little money I ask the alphalinux community.
> Help.
> Ideas, suggestions, course of action, resources aka money, lawyers, and/or
> your time would be greatly, heartfelt appreciated.
> If we can get the hardware back it does nobody any good for it to sit
> in mine or Rich's house. It would require colocation of which costs money.
> We'll cross that road when we get there.
> If anyone wishes to speak with me just email me and I'll send you my
> number. I'd rather not publish my home phone on a mailing list.
> Thank you.
> Peter
> > Not hijacked...but, the machine that has run alphalinux.org for the past
> > several years is in California, hosted by theshell.com. They have
> > graciously allowed us to use their bandwidth at no charge due to the fact
> > that one of the gents that started theshell.com likes Alphas. Now, over
> > the past several months the site become more and more flakey and we're
> > now at the point where the machine is not on the net.
> >
> > I don't know why and any requests I send to them are just
> > ignored. Unfortunatly the domain name is owned by the person mentioned
> > above and he has become "bored" with computers and I seem unable to get a
> > hold of him. So it doesn't look good for alphalinux.org.
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