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Re: New user, new question

"Escario Julien" <pandemik@asylog.net> writes:

> Someone of the assisted conception (I don't know if the translation is
> right) "give" us 3 digital workstation 500a to install Linux on.
> Of course we want a debian on ...
> After 2 hours of batle I cannot boot the machine !!!
> In the bios (alphaBIOS) the CD: is accessible and I put \milo\linload.exe
> for the loader path and \milo in the os path.

The README.txt says:

      To boot on one of these from CD, find your subarchitecture from
      the table in the documentation, then enter `\milo\linload.exe'
      as the boot loader and `\milo\<subarch>' (where <subarch> is the
      proper subarchitecture name) as the OS Path in the `OS Selection
      Setup' menu.

Subarch in your case should be miata, I think.

But I'd really recommend using the SRM console, it's less of a kludge,
and it is hard to switch later, because of the incompatible partition


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