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Re: as problem

On 19 Jan 2002, Falk Hueffner wrote:

> I would like to compile some stuff containing inline assembler like:
> void foo() {
>     long x;
>     asm("unpkbw %1, %0" : "=r"(x) : "r"(123456));
> }
> This works if I pass -Wa,-mpca56. But it will *not* work if I also use
> -mcpu=ev56 for gcc, since gcc then emits .arch ev56 into the .s, and
> as complains ev56 can't handle unpkbw. What should I do? Convince gcc
> not to emit .arch? Convince as to prefer the command line option? Some
> other suggestions?

Basically, you can't use any of those MVI extensions on any processor that
doesn't support it (>= PCA56, IIRC).  That code should probably have a
conditional around it that depends on an amask check of the processor's
support for MVI.


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