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RE: SCSI problems with Qlogic ISP

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> From: jaap.hogenberg@nl.abnamro.com
> This could be caused by bad cabling / termination.
> You mention the use of a wide-->narrow convertor to
> connect the tapedrive.
> Does this adapter have "high byte termination" ?
> (when you convert from wide(16 bit) to narrow(8 bit)
> scsi , you need to terminate the upper 8 bits of the scsi bus.)

Sorry, should have made it a bit clearer. I have:

Alpha (with QLogicISP (Wide SCSI)) -> Wide to narrow adapter -> disc
1 -> ... -> disc 4 -> tape drive

Not sure about the high byte termination - I've noticed that I can set
the Qlogic adapter to provide high byte termination though - would
that do the same?



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