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Re: Duplex printing using lpr-ppd

On Friday 25 January 2002 11:00 am, Martin Sanborn wrote:
> except for the fact that it's printing landscape instead of portrait! It
> appears to do this whenever I pass options with the -o flag, even if I
> don't specify duplexing. For example, specifying the upper tray as a paper
> source,

Hmm, this problem does NOT happen with the AMD machine I have running Debian 
woody. That is running a 2.4.17 kernel. I installed a 2.4.17 kernel with 
(nearly) identical options (the parallel port and printing options were 
identical) on the AlphaStation, but the results is the same. 

I guess there is something different between the Alpha and Intel versions of 
the code, or maybe the hardware? Strange.


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