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Re: Which version of SRM is correct?

On Monday 07 January 2002 02:36 pm, Victor R. Cain wrote:
> I bought a MicroWay Alpha Screamer in February, 1999 with RedHat
> Linux 5.2.  I am trying to upgrade the AlphaBIOS to SRM and have been
> having problems.  Can you tell me what version of SRM I should be
> using with this system?
> System Type: Alpha PC 164LX
> Processor: Digital Alpha 21164, Rev 7.2
> Speed:  533 MHz
> AlphaBIOS Version: 5.66  980623.1709


is a good place to start. It notes you need SRM 5.3-3 to go from AlphaBIOS to 
SRM, then you can update to others. More info may be found at Compaq's web 
site, http://ftp.digital.com/pub/Digital/Alpha/firmware/. I haven't 
personally made the switch from AlphaBIOS to SRM (my machines were SRM to 
begin with), so I can't offer any other advice.

Marty Sanborn

| Martin Sanborn - Dept. of Chemical Engineering - Northwestern University |
| m-sanborn@nwu.edu - (847)467-1653 - http://zeolites.cqe.nwu.edu/marty |

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