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FYI...glibc mistake in unstable

Well, it was bound to happen since I've been so busy -- I made a big
mistake with this latest glibc build: I built it with 2.2 kernel headers
accidentally.  I'm building the NMU now.  In the meantime, I'd hold off on
any autobuilder uploads or regular package uploads since they may pop up
with some odd bugs (not likely, but it's safer).

Anyone who compiled packages against 2.2.5-1 should go back and either
binary-NMU the packages for alpha-only or just upload a new version if
you're the maintainer.

Sorry about the (major) screw-up.  I'll definitely pay more attention in
the future and have learned not to try building binutils, gcc, glibc,
Qt2.2, and binutils CVS at the same time :-P


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