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Re: Installation of woody with floppy disk images - where can I find the base dep packages?

Thanks for all!

I have reinstalled redhat on my alpha, picked getbootstrap and downloaded all needed files like mentioned from Falk. I then booted again from the boot floppies and installed the base system from a second hdd partition.

Woody is running on my alpha and I download just any additional packages! Takes times...

Kind regards


Goswin Brederlow wrote:

Harald Simon <harald.simon@luebeck.netsurf.de> writes:

hmmm, This is the first expirience with debian. Also, I have no
direct network

Maybe you should try the disks from the stable distribution. The
testing distribution is, well for testing. Errors are normal there and
for a first timer you wouldn't know a way around them. Even figuring
out something is an error and not you doing something wrong can take a

Once you have the stable/potato system installed you can easily
upgrade to testing/woody and/or unstable/sid if you feel you need the
newer packages (at the risk of new bugs).

-- just ppp via modem -- and no chance to get access to a running debian
box. Perhaps, I should reinstall my redhat and create the package?

No old pc or laptop or anything you have Network too which could play
gateway? Even an old i386 would do. Instaling via network is way
better than creating all those floppy disks (one of which allways has
a read error :).


PS: If you ask nicely Falk Hueffner might make an install CD for you,
if you have a cd-write that is.

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