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alphalinux.org and linuxalpha.org (was Re: Nvidia video cards)

OK, I'm sending this to all the lists as there's been a few questions
about this circulating (sorry if anyone's offended by the cross

On Thu, 31 Jan 2002, William H. Magill wrote:

> This question was recently posted on the Suse list...
> Anybody know what's up with www.alphalinux.org...?
> It appears that the domain has been hijacked.

Not hijacked...but, the machine that has run alphalinux.org for the past
several years is in California, hosted by theshell.com. They have
graciously allowed us to use their bandwidth at no charge due to the fact
that one of the gents that started theshell.com likes Alphas. Now, over
the past several months the site become more and more flakey and we're
now at the point where the machine is not on the net. 

I don't know why and any requests I send to them are just
ignored. Unfortunatly the domain name is owned by the person mentioned
above and he has become "bored" with computers and I seem unable to get a
hold of him. So it doesn't look good for alphalinux.org.

> One eventually gets re-directed to a place called "theshell.com"
> www.linuxalpha.org apparently has the same problem.

www.linuxalpha.org is a different story. When alphalinux.org starting
becoming flakey I looked for a second site, someone at Compaq offered up a
machine that's on the net doing other things and basically said we could
use it. He wrote to me last week to say the machine was going to have some
hardware upgraded and that it would be down for a day or so, this was a
few days ago and I've heard nothing but I'd guess they are busy working on
it and it will hopefully be back soon.

So, if all goes well www.linuxalpha.org should be back before to long,
don't hold you breath on www.alphalinux.org. 

hope that helps,

Rich Payne

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