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2.2.13 kernel-config parms 2.2.14pre16: ethernet problem 2.2.14pre16: ethernet problem --follow-up 2.2.14pre9 kernel panic... 4 21164s in a 2U rackmount!! Advice requested. Alpha assembler reference card? AlphaBIOS/SRM alpha boot floppies? Re: alpha boot-floppies Alpha DKA600 = Linux /dev/$what? ATA-66 for DP264 21264 500MHz ? booting and other questions Bootstrapping (was: Re: Why, what, and where.) broken nis via apt-get Re: Bug#51964: Probably one autobuilders system time is set somewhere in the future can't "make zImage" for kernel 2.2.13 Re: Changes to potato today cpp: Internal compiler error in `rescan', at /src/gcc/2.95-3/gcc-2.95.2/src/gcc/cccp.c:3162 Damn spam (was: Re: Famous Private-Eye Reveals All, Make 10K A Month) ddd EM86 on Alpha Famous Private-Eye Reveals All, Make 10K A Month Grafoil? Re: Headless install on LX164 FW: How do I format a hard drive using fdisk "b" (BSD partitionin g) How do I format a hard drive using fdisk "b" (BSD partitioning) Re: I compiled XEmacs with ccc Install 2.1 problems on Sable 2100 4/275 java Re: Java & Linux <SMALL>Alpha?</SMALL> (fwd) kernel problem kernel upgrade Last call for updated non-i386 packages. Less trouble installing Potato vs Slink? libc packages with db2/openldap fix, please test licq broken? Lully make broken? [Was: Re: ddd] Re: milo and multiheading new 2.2.13 kernel won't boot Re: new version of powstatd has unaligned traps nmap... [OT] Samsung to Invest $500 million in Compaq's Alpha Chips Packages contains files with future timestamps Packages.gz missing on Potato/Main PC164--No Video PostgreSQL [potato] Floating point exception --follow-up potato/main/binary-alpha/Packages empty [potato] rdate problem scsi controller support FW: Signal 11 caught by ps on Alpha slink or potato? SRM SDK info? SRM SDK info? --follow-up Re: ............. ssh? Status of alpha? Talk problems? ssh? That highly annoying C++ unaligned trap.. trouble with NIS in slink update Unaligned relocations on Alpha ELF64 Re: Unidentified subject! Re: Updated 2.1r4 package list errata. updated X for slink? Upgrade instructions Where can I find tulip.o for 2.0.36 Why, what, and where. The last update was on 14:28 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 182 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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