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Re: Why, what, and where.

fsblk@aurora.uaf.edu said:

> already small user base is further fragmented.  It seems to me that what
> really needs to happen to make alternate platform linuxs work is for the
> companies that have an interest in the particular platforms to step in and
> do some work to support them.  digital made a reasonable effort, from what
> I understand compaq has lately more-or-less dumped the line.

This is not true. Compaq have recently released large amounts of source
code to XFree86, for example. What is true is that Compaq are less into
actually writing code and more into "Give them that stuff on the floor over
there and let them sort it out". Now if I could just find the time to read
& understand the X11 driver source I have in my mailbox...

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