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> I recently dumped the NT partition that wasn't being used, and hence the
> DOS boot partition that went along with it.  I've heard if I use SRM I
> wouldn't need to boot via MILO, correct?

Yes. From SRM you use aboot.

> I've never seen SRM, so could
> somebody give me a few pointers on what to do with SRM and what I'm in for
> when I use it?

SRM understands disklabel, so you have to convert your hard drive 
partition table to a disklabel. See 


for a script on how to do it (with the sdisklabel command). Most 
likely your partition table will have to be modified to reflect the 
different numbering scheme. 

If you do not want to convert your partition table you can boot from 

Either way, the SRM-Howto is a must-read. 
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> dave wiard                      computer science
> dave@acm.wwu.edu                western washington university
> http://www.wcug.wwu.ed/~davew

Good luck,

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