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Re: Alpha DKA600 = Linux /dev/$what?

On Tue 21 Dec 1999, Kyle Tucker wrote:

>         I have a Alpha 2100 4/275 (sable) with SCSI CD at 
> DKA600. and it's the second SCSI device. From what 
> I've read, it should be sdb2 for the root device (y/n)?. I 

No, only if it's the second SCSI disk.

> cannot get Debian 2.1 to mount the root file system under 
> this or any other device name (sdb6, sd0, sdb) I have even 

Try /dev/sda2 (have you in fact already installed linux on it?
Did you use the second partition / slice for root?)

> tried hex devices such as root=0x822 where 22 is hex for 
> minot 34 (16 * 2) + slice 2 as the "sd" man page says. 
> All I get from any of these is unable to mount root slice 
> and a kernel panic. If I use boot_ramdisk, it asks for the
> floppy and halts trying to mount on 00:02. And it always
> reports to be guessing boot device as /dev/scd0. Why is 
> it guessing this device since everywhere I've read the CD
> is supposed to be a "sd" device? Yet on an installed Linux

Where did you read that?! It's _never_ been that way.

> Oh, on an side, this Alpha box getts to the point where it
> is sending out BOOTP and RARP broadcasts trying to boot. Why 
> is it doing this on an Installation?

You can probably load the installation stuff over the net on
your system.

Paul Slootman
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