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Re: Where can I find tulip.o for 2.0.36

> Where can I find a tulip.o module for a 2.0.36 kernel?  Per the Redhat Alpha
> site, this is the module that should work for the "EtherWORKS Turbo PCI
> Ethernet Controller Card" on my Dec AlphaServer 1000 4/266.
> An earlier posting on this list mentioned that the module should be
> assembled during a "make modules" after a kernel assembly.  I installed the
> following kernel packages from my Debian Alpha 2.1 cdrom:
> 	kernel-doc-2.0	2.0.36-3
> 	kernel-package 	6.05
> 	kernel-source-	2.0.36-3
> The "make config" is failing with an error message: "arch/alpha/Makefile:30:
> *** missing separator. Stop".

Check the makefile on that line and make sure that line starts with a tab
or just DL the tarball from ftp.kernel.org and do a make boot from there.

> This being my first kernel-assembly attempt, I figure it will likely be
> quicker to get a tulip.o module from elsewhere.

Dont worry we all have to start somewhere..


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