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Talk problems? ssh?


I have been playing around with my UDB and I've come to the conclusion
that there is something wrong... not with the hardware, but with the slink
install. Specifically, talk doesn't work (it reports an "error on write to
talk daemon"), and neither does ytalk (it thinks there is no talk daemon).

The funny thing is that I can go to another machine and "talk" to an
account on this machine and it rings me.  Odd.

Is this known/obvious or fixable?  What am I doing wrong?

Also, I remember somebody said that they had or knew where to get an ssh
package that works with slink Alpha... do I remember wrong?  There is no
Alpha stuff on nonus...'s non-US.

I'm trying to get this system working well enough that I can let other
people use it (don't laugh...) and that sort of stuff looks bad.


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                -- Muad'dib [Frank Herbert, "Dune"]

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