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Re: Updated 2.1r4 package list errata.

Previously Vincent Renardias wrote:
>  [*] roxen_1.2beta2-3
>    - sync with i386 version.
>    [MISSING: m68k, sparc]

Those two were also missing in the original release, I'm thinking of
skipping them.

>  [*] bind_8.2.2p5-0slink1.1
>    - security fix
>    [MISSING: sparc, m68k, alpha]

Only alpha seems to be missing, for sparc and m68k there is a version
8.2.2p5-0slink1 which is exactly the same. It was only rebuild for i386
change the buildlocation. I'm quite sure I did make an alpha upload though..

>  [*] egcs_1.1.2-0slink2
>    - fixes a y2k bug in g77.
>    [MISSING: sparc]

>  [*] netkit-telnet_0.12-4slink.1_i386.changes
>  [*] netkit-telnet_0.12-4slink.1_m68k.changes
>    - fix DoS.
>    [MISSING: sparc]

And alpha.

I'm doing a bunch of rebuilds for sparc and alpha now.. I want to 
have this all fixed and done byu this weekend. We really can't
postpone this any longer.


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