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Re: Bug#51964: Probably one autobuilders system time is set somewhere in the future

On Thu, 9 Dec 1999, Michael Neuffer wrote:

> Because this can upset many things (besides dpkg which doesn't like it
> and doesn't allow for a smooth upgrade) like intrusion detection et al.

I can NMU these, but is it worth it?  I could understand if it was a year
ahead or so, but it's just a handful of days.  I built 53 packages that
day by hand and would not like to do those all over again if I can help

> I've not been tracking the autobuilder systems for a very long
> time now, so I just assigned it to general from where I was sure
> it would be picked up and forwarded to the correct person.

It wasn't an autobuilder, unfortunately.  I build all of the packages that
I build by hand.  If it was an autobuilder at fault, I'd be less hesitant
to regenerate all of those packages.


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