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Re: Headless install on LX164

Okay, one last update to the headless install saga...

Adam C Powell IV wrote:

>    * Curiously, after the initial root login, instead of merely uncommenting the tty1 line,
>      Debian replaced all of the tty lines!  So, I had to hard-reboot to the rescue floppy, fsck
>      the badly-unmounted partitions, and re-edit /etc/inittab.  I suppose the alternative is just
>      to start with a getty on ttyS0 instead of the root login thing, but I don't know what will
>      happen after the initial root login, it may just do the same thing.  The answer is probably
>      somewhere in the as-installed /root.

Actually, the answer is that after the initial login, /etc/inittab is replaced by
/etc/inittab.real.  While installing on another machine, I came upon this file and edited it
appropriately (commenting tty2-6, switching tty1 to ttyS0 with baud rate of 9600), and the machine
did everything right!

I feel silly for not looking for this earlier. :-)


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